About Us

Kim von Däniken


During my studies at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, I dedicated a project to the topic Industry 4.0 and stumbled over the term Blockchain, strongly correlated to Internet of Things. The topic Blockchain got a grip on me so I ended up reading books, online forums and whitepapers trying to understand the scope of this revolutionary technology. I started Blocksolution.io with the aim to create a platform for accurate information all about Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrencies and IoT.

Ato Herzig


I am a Blockchain enthusiast deeply believing in the future of decentralized payment systems. Blockchain is the key technology leading the path to a more secure, hyperconnected world. Due to my PPE-Economics Bachelor at the University of Lucerne, I am able to see the values of Blockchain within the business world and evaluate its capabilities to transform today’s politics and economics to the better.

Our Story

The principles of Blockchain and decentralized ledger technology is difficult to understand, especially in the beginning. Relevant Information to understand the technology is spread around the internet. Our Crypto Wiki on BlockSolution.io eradicates this issue providing understandable explanations of over 250 crypto-related terms and topics. Additionally, our Blog is regularly publishing articles about cryptocurrencies and important developments within the Blockchain industry. 

Our Mission

We want to become a central platform of useful and accurate information about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Internet of Things (IoT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

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