What is a ,Trezor'?

Trezor is a popular Hardware Wallet brand enabling the safe storage of cryptocurrencies.

It is a physical device which has to be separately unlocked. Instead of manually typing in your private key in the computer, you have log-in a digit code directly on your Trezor device. As soon as the device is unlocked it is automatically entering your wallet. Exactly this security mechanism is the main reason why Trezor can be considered as a very secure wallet.  The private key never leaves the external, physical device and therefore never gets exposed to your computers hard disk or the internet.

How to connect your 'Trezor' with MyEtherWallet

This guide will show you step-by-step how to correctly create your MEW with a Trezor device:

  1. Visit: (double-check the domain)
  2. Save as a favorite website in your browser to exclude phishing attacks in the future.
  3. Read through the MEW Introduction. It gives you further information about the wallet app and a better understanding about MEW and its safety precautions.
  4. Now watch the following video in order to set up your Trezor correctly:
  5. The next video shows you how to adjust the settings on your Trezor device to make it compatible with the MEW-interface:
  6. The wallet set up is now completed and you are now able to store and access your funds directly with your Trezor device on the MEW-interface.
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