What is a 'whitepaper'?

A Whitepaper is a write up that takes a look at futures plans and structures of a project. It is a formal promotion possibility for companies to target their customer group and acquire investors. Therefore it should be written in an understandable form and is in comparison less than a Yellowpaper

How to identify quality ,whitepapers'?

There are some essential points every Whitepaper should contain. We show what to look out for to identify quality projects. 

  1. Target group – A Whitepaper should illustrate very clear to what kind of personas their project is related. Target groups can be identified by many factors such as age or gender.
  2. Knowledge – Even though a Whitepaper should not contain a very technical jargon, it is still essential that it shows in-depth knowledge and expertise. Empirical data should be provided.
  3. The problem solver – Identifying how the idea improves the current state is an important point in all Whitepapers. If it does not convince investors how their idea makes the world a smarter place, nobody is willing to invest.
  4. Advertising – Social media offers various channels to advertise products or ideas. Exaggerating Advertisement campaigns for a Whitepaper is indicating a lack of quality. 
  5. Content is king – A Whitepaper consists out of words and graphics. The content produced within those few pages has to have the potential to change something to the better.
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